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An individual approach means simplifying your needs

We manage a network of over 300 contracted vehicles. We operate in the European Union, Great Britain, Serbia, Turkey and road transport from China. Many years of experience have enabled us to build a network of fast transfer lines. We can provide you with a truck within an hour of placing your order. We offer a set of tailored practices that allow you to create a solution that meets your specific needs. We provide you with a dedicated supervisor that allows us to work out the best conditions for cooperation.

We focus on partnership - with everyone. Transparent rules of cooperation, stability, responsibility - we trust that we are part of the success of our employees, clients and subcontractors. We are an accomplished company involved in the TSL market, convinced that transport does not have to be an experience full of obstacles. We believe that business is primarily about people which is why we surround ourselves with trusted people as they are our strength and a real driving force.
Tomasz Budziński
CEO & Founder of Seven Freight

We carry out non-standard transport projects, including the transport of dangerous substances like ADR, JIT, JIS as well as transport at controlled temperatures. As part of our dedicated transport services, we offer deliveries in designated time windows (e.g. to production lines or construction sites). We are flexible at every stage of cooperation and support your needs, allowing you to plan your activities with certainty.

Market Leader in Innovation - distinction award for our proprietary delivery reporting system based on real time visibility - tracking the entire process in real time and predicting at every stage. We are part of the global visibility chain - 8.5 million vehicles worldwide

Excellent quality and the NATO AQAP 2110 certificate awarded on its basis - we provide services for strategic sectors of the European Union

Business Gazelles - 203rd place out of 4,500 registered companies in the 22nd edition of the ranking

The best partners for cooperation, both with carriers and shippers - reliability, honesty, punctuality.

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We attach particular importance to the quality of our service and our development. Our goal is to set the highest standards of service. Our employees have the titles of Kaizen Practitioner in the area of ​​service - we improve everything and every day.

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Our charity work

We are one of the founders and permanent caretakers of the Social Canteen in Wałbrzych

We regularly support the Warsaw Hospice for Children

We support the Felician Sisters Hospice

We support the Association of Patients Requiring Dialysis

We support TSO units

We support the DOM Dbamy o Młodych Foundation

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